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Antique vintage crystal rhinestone hair accessories

Camouflage crystal Pearl Silvery tone  3.5”side Comb

Camouflage crystal pearl side comb

Featuring a full line of handcrafted hair side comb,Hair pins clips salon clips Girls Children hair alligator French side Comb barrettes headband accessories,Wedding,Bridal Party Shower Prom Pageant or just daily hair accessories you can wear everyday or save for special occasions, Hairdazzzel hair Jewelry is handmade collections each piece is elegantly fashioned to withstand the passage of trends. Today, tomorrow and always Hairdazzzel hair Jewelry a declaration of your personal finesse.

Vintage antique victorian style hair accessories
Purple crystal rhinestone 3.5” gold tone luxe side comb accessories.

Pink Pearl 2.5” antique vintage style side comb comes in many beautiful colors.